Frequently Asked Questions

Through our network of national and international delivery providers, we are able to provide a customized solution for any goods you need to send. We can provide a solution no matter what your needs are in terms of budget, delivery time and reliability. Nitrak is also work as an intra-city on-demand last mile technology platform that connects customers with vehicles.
To track a current trip, login with your GR Number at When you agreed with our quote, we will assign the vehicle as per your requirement. At that time we create a REGISTER Number (Goods Receipt Number) for your quote. Through this GRN you can track your vehicle till the vehicle completes the delivery.
Get in to our web or download our app from Playstore or Appstore to book a truck. Please enter your requirement. On the basis of your requirement we will quote the charges. When you accept the quote, we will generate a GRN (Goods Receipt Number), through this GRN you can track the vehicle till it completes the delivery. After getting the delivery confirmation you can do the payment. After the payment get at our end, we will send the POD, sealed and signed invoice copy to your end.
Loading and unloading of goods is not comes in the scope of Nitrak. Shipper shall be responsible for loading and consignee shall be responsible for unloading. If any charges came as loading and unloading charges, it should pay by the shipper or consignee when they do the freight payment. Loading or unloading the goods is not driver’s duty, but if anyone agrees to do so you can use their help.
Our pricing is algorithmic and is based on a base fare and journey time. Please note that loading and unloading time are considered part of the journey time and hence we advise customers to speed up the process. Pricing varies across Nitrak vehicle types – Ape/ Tata Ace/ Dost/Pick up/Lorry based on their respective rate card. Through our network of national and international delivery providers, we can offer discounted rates to send the documents and parcels across the world. You can check with other service providers and accept our offer.
We accept all goods that are not under the list of prohibited items by the Government. We accept goods suitable to be transported in our trucks based on payload and capacity requirements. As per your goods we will help you to match your requirements with the right truck. The invoices and supporting documents should provide the shipper before the vehicle start. Without proper documents/bills vehicle will not move. Now E-waybill is required for all the material values more than Rs 50000/-. If the material detained due to invoice and material mismatch and without proper bills, the penalties should pay by the shipper. Shipper and Driver should release the vehicle, Nitrak have no role on this situation. Normally below materials are prohibited by the Government to send by any mode.

Bullio, Cash, Coins, Banknotes, Negotiable items
Jewellery, gold and silver articles, precious stones or items containing gold, silver or precious stones.
Deeds, bonds, bills of exchange or other documents representing money
Credit cards, Gift cards
Live stock, Blood stock
Living Plants / things
Antiques / Art works
Liquor, Wine/sprit and beer
Dangerous Goods (e.g. aerosol cans flamable items, toxic gases, explosives ect)